About the machine。

Welcome to Multimedia heaven。 eos2/MM is the most advanced family entertainment center。 Your eos2/MM machine brings your living room TV to life, browse the internet from your sofa, connect with your buddys online, it is a new generation of entertainment, you can play games online as a family, and it has full cinematic experience for your TV with full powered 3d and HD。 eos2/MM connects everybody, everywhere, from your living room TV。

eos2/MM for the family。

eos2/MM has many advantages for the young family。
The education folder includes knowledge on specific subjects as well as practise software for student's subjects。 Your children can learn foreign languages as well as learning about space。 As well as the education folder eos2/MM has games specifically designed for the development of young minds with puzzles and quizzes。


NH Cyber Tek
The Company。

NH Cyber Tek's main products are operating systems。 Other products include online communities, AI for robotics, and 3D applications。 NH Cyber Tek started as a small team in 2002。 Ten years later that team launched spoonIT, center of the NZ inter-verse。

How many devices do you need when you sit down to relax?

You get home from work, you're tired, had dinner, throw on your favorite movie and you need all those devices to stay in touch。Seriously? With eos2/MM you can watch that movie, be online, get your Facebook updates, and Gmail popups all from one screen。Tune in to your dreams, and drop out of reality。

It's your night, relax。

The ultimate in Media
in your living room。

If your living room TV is not the latest then eos2/MM will bring it back to life。 And if you are lucky enough to have the latest TV then eos2/MM will bring you countless years of quality entertainment。
Whatever your TV model your media and your living room comes to life with eos2/MM。